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Vele kinderen zijn in zwemvesten gestrand op Lesbos en zitten nu in koude, kille vluchtelingenkampen zonder garantie op een veilige toekomst. Net als Afad. Wij willen en kúnnen ze helpen. En doen dat dan ook. Samen met vele ondernemers en organisaties. De ambitie is een Sheltersuit voor ieder kind in de vluchtelingenkampen op Lesbos. Rondom kerst zijn de eerste 500 combinaties uitgedeeld.

Sheltersuits for Lesbos

bySheltersuit Foundation

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Enschede, Netherlands

Sheltersuit Foundation

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Sheltersuit Foundation
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Many children like Afad stranded on Lesbos in life vests and are now housed in cold and chilly refugee camps without a guarantee for a safe future. Movement on the Ground, WakaWaka Foundation and Sheltersuit joined forces. We can help them and we will. Together with many entrepreneurs and organisations. We have the ambition to provide every child in the refugee camp on Lesbos with a Sheltersuit and a WakaWaka Light. We have distributed the first 500 combinations with Christmas. The second 500 combinations will follow in February

We are a hands-on organisation. That’s why we want to do something nów, so they feel warmth during the winter season. Our mission:
A Sheltersuit with WakaWaka Light for every child on Lesbos. Help Afad and his friends and show your warmth and care by sponsoring one or more Sheltersuits.

The first 500 suits have already been sponsored by Rabobank Foundation, Start Foundation, Van Lanschot Kempen & Geloof en Samenleving van de Remonstranten. So we are well on the way. We aim to provide at least 1.500 children with a suit and light. That means we still need your support

We still need a 1.000 combinations, will you help? Donating starts with the worth of one WakaWaka Light or a half Sheltersuit. Is your choice for donation not in the menu, please contact us at

What does a Sheltersuit do for a child?
A Sheltersuit is like a mobile home. A sustainable coat that attaches to a sleeping bag so that refugees are protected against the cold winters. Useful for all seasons and stronger than any tent. A suit that protects you and that can be taken along to a life outside the camp. Without any brand names or logos, because we feel refugees are entitled to a future without labels and their own identity.

WakaWaka Lights
Every child in the camps Moria and Kara Tepe deserves a WakaWaka Light; a super efficient led light, powered by solar energy. For children in refugee camps this light provides safety and helps them find their way when they go to the toilet at night.

Movement on the Ground
Movement on the Ground, the foundation of i.a. Johnny de Mol, is active on Lesbos and they see to distributing the Sheltersuits and WakaWaka Lights. They bring people and goods together.This foundation aims to provide basic needs to victims in crisis situations. It provides bare necessities to people in those situations where help is crucial but has not yet been established.
Also chldren like Afad deserve a warm and sheltered winter on Lesbos. Therefore we call on all entrepreneurs and organisations in the Netherlands to sponsor a WakaWaka Light for every child on Lesbos. So that Movement on the Ground can bring the people and goods on Lesbos together.
Together we can provide them with dignity in the long term: a chance to a life outside of the camp, without being labelled as a refugee. That’s our ultimate goal. Are you in?

Donate one or more Sheltersuits for Lesbos and feel good during the winter season.

  • With your donation we can provide warmth for the refugees on Lesbos
  • Your donation will provide a work placement for people with poor job prospects in our atelier
  • Your donation is tax deductible
  • After your donation you will receive a social media parcel to share your support for the project
  • After your donation you will receive a poster you can put up in your company
  • Is your choice for donation not in the menu, please contact us at