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What is the Sheltersuit?

The Sheltersuit is a waterproof and windproof coat which can be transformed into a sleeping bag. You simply zip the sleeping bag onto the coat and your whole body is protected against the elements.

During the day the sleeping bag can be stored in a special backpack. The suits are given to the homeless for free.


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Lesbos needs our help

Our Sheltersuits make children like Afad in the cold and chilly refugee camps on Lesbos feel a bit warmer and sheltered. For the many children stranded on Lesbos we work for a better future for them, together with Movement on the Ground and the WakaWaka Foundation.

We are a hands-on organisation so we want to make a difference nów. Our mission: a Sheltersuit and a WakaWaka Light for every child on Lesbos.


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Latest news

  • Warmth, light and power for refugees on Lesbos this winter


    Sheltersuit, Movement on the ground and the WakaWaka Foundation are joining forces to make sure all the children on Lesbos have a warm winter. The campaign, that aims to provide every child on Lesbos with a Sheltersuit and a WakaWaka, starts today.

  • Sheltersuit winner Public Choice Award 2017


    On Saturday 28 October during Dutch Design Week the Dutch Design Awards were presented. Sheltersuit by Bas Timmer received the highest number of votes from audiences in the exhibition and online, with which it earned the Public Award.

  • Sheltersuit official winner German Design Award 2018


    To our utmost surprise and with great honour we proudly announce the news that the jury of the German Design Council has officially selected Sheltersuit as a winner of the German Design Award 2018. The Sheltersuit is a high quality water-and windproof jacket, combined with an attachable zip-on sleeping bag, that provides protection and warmth in any type of weather condition.

  • Sheltersuit opens social clothing factory


    The Dutch Sheltersuit Foundation has recently opened the Sheltersuit Factory – a social clothing factory where garments are made under ethically responsible working conditions. The expansion of the Sheltersuit organisation comes after a relocation to a new office building and larger production facility within the city Enschede in the Netherlands.

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