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What is the Sheltersuit?

The Sheltersuit is a waterproof and windproof coat which can be transformed into a sleeping bag. You simply zip the sleeping bag onto the coat and your whole body is protected against the elements.

During the day the sleeping bag can be stored in a special backpack. The suits are given to the homeless for free.


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Lesbos needs our help

Our Sheltersuits make children like Afad in the cold and chilly refugee camps on Lesbos feel a bit warmer and sheltered. For the many children stranded on Lesbos we work for a better future for them, together with Movement on the Ground and the WakaWaka Foundation.

We are a hands-on organisation so we want to make a difference nów. Our mission: a Sheltersuit and a WakaWaka Light for every child on Lesbos.


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