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What is a Sheltersuit? 

The concept of the Sheltersuit is pretty simple. It is a water repellent and windproof jacket which can be transformed into a full protective body suit. You simply zip on the sleeping bag. The high quality materials that are used make sure any person wearing it will be protected against extreme weather conditions, to make sleeping outside bearable.

The materials are donated by various Dutch and European companies. The outside fabric is extremely durable, as it is manufactured by the Royal Ten Cate. And due to the outstanding quality of the insulating materials, the wearers of the Sheltersuit are assured of warmth during the day and night. This is how hypothermia can be prevented.

During the day, the sleeping bag can be stored in the include duffle bag.

Who are behind the Sheltersuit Foundation? 

The Sheltersuit team started with Bas and Alexander. When a father of their two friends lost his life on the streets due to hypothermia, they decided to create something free that would protect the homeless from the cold. With a background in fashion, Bas decided to adapt his craft to work on this project. His well-known designs are easily identified by their multifunctionality. Keeping in mind what is fundamentally needed for the homeless, together with his creativity, he came up with  the idea of the Sheltersuit. He then proposed his idea to his best friend Alexander, who decided to quit his job to turn the idea of the Sheltersuit into reality. And that is how the foundation came about.

Nowadays, the team has grown to 20 hard working people, including volunteers, homeless, long term unemployed and (mainly Syrian) refugees. The quality that the Syrians show in their craftsmanship is unique in our country, since the industrialization of the textile industry in the western world. With passion, proficiency and a spirit of realism, the team makes the most out of every day in the factory. Coming from different countries, the members of the team don’t speak the same language. But everybody speaks the common language of the sewing machine, and of course the international language of food, what makes lunchtime a special and important moment of the day.

The foundation is always looking for enthusiastic people who want to offer their support and strengthen the team. Anyone can be of help by sharing ideas, volunteering, or providing a donation in any possible way. Even sharing this website with friends and family will be of great help!

Our goal 

The aim of the Sheltersuit Foundation is to produce and distribute as many Sheltersuits for the homeless who are sleeping outside during extreme cold weather. We want to keep the homeless warm, without anything from them in return. Besides that the Sheltersuit Foundation is working hard to offer the volunteers, with a distance to the job market, a true perspective in the form of a paying job.

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