What we do

We think that everybody deserves self-confidence, development and equality.We contribute to this goal by providing the homeless and refugees with warmth. In addition to that, we work with people with special needs. This works both ways.

The beginning

After completing his creative fashion studies Bas Timmer decided to put his talents to use for the Sheltersuit project. The trigger for this decision was the tragic story of his best friend’s father who was homeless and died of hypothermia in the streets. Bas decided to create a free sleeping bag that would protect the homeless from the cold. That’s how Sheltersuit was born.

The Sheltersuit

The Sheltersuit is a waterproof and windproof coat which can be transformed into a sleeping bag. You simply zip the sleeping bag onto the coat and your whole body is protected from the cold. During the day the sleeping bag can be stored in the matching backpack.

Sheltersuit uses the best quality materials supplied by our partners Ten Cate, Nomad, 3M and YKK. The high quality of insulating fabrics guarantees that everybody who wears the Sheltersuit, is protected day and night from even the harshest weather conditions.

The team

The team of Sheltersuit consists of 32 hardworking people who each contribute in their own way to a better, more social society. From volunteers and the homeless, to people with special needs and Syrian refugees, they all play a part.
The different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities of the team members create unique dynamics. Sheltersuit promotes social contacts and succeeds in bringing together people from different backgrounds They each learn from each other and they share the common goal of working together with passion and expertise. Sheltersuit welcomes everybody. We are an organization where everybody feels at home.

Dreams and ambitions

Ever since the production of the first Sheltersuit in 2014 the concept has evolved
in many ways. Recommendations were made on the basis of suggestions of people wearing the coat. The foundation itself has made great strides in terms of professionalizing. It is now located on an industrial site, Spinnerij Oosterveld, where you can find a multitude of creative start-ups. We also want to professionalize by offering custom-made products to third parties and by setting up a website with connected Sheltersuit products. That way we can play an important role in other people’s lives.

The goal for the next years is to produce thousands of Sheltersuits and to distribute them locally and abroad to the homeless and to refugees living in refugee camps. In order to achieve this we will start collaborating with several institutions and stakeholders abroad.

In addition to producing Sheltersuits, the foundation has developed a second
objective: increasing job opportunities on the labour market for people with special needs. By creating jobs at Sheltersuit we give people the tools to gradually become active participants on the employment market. Our volunteers are offered guidance and schooling/training. That way they can move on to paid jobs with third parties.

Our biggest dream for the future and the ultimate objective for Sheltersuit is to
go global and to become active for everybody who needs warmth.

Do you want to help a homeless person?

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