Sheltersuit Factory

When ‘The Sheltersuit’ came into existence, a place was naturally formed where creativity, inspiration, motivation and new opportunities flourish. The people working at the Sheltersuit Factory all have different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: wanting to learn and develop. Central at the Sheltersuit Factory are those people and their development. We offer our people the necessary helping hand to do this.

The People

The goal of the Sheltersuit Factory is to inspire people, to activate their skills and to connect the people with each other. To realize this, the focus of attention lies with creating a space where people can grow and develop, in different personal and professional levels. This area which has been created, offers the employees of the Sheltersuit Factory the opportunity to develop their creativity and skills. Experience shows that this unconstrained environment fosters and nourishes a healthy development during the integration and re-integration into our society.

Social entrepreneurship and foundation

The Sheltersuit Factory is a foundation without a profit objective, operating in support of the ‘Sheltersuit Foundation’. The revenue generated by the Sheltersuit Factory mainly contributes to the key goal of the Sheltersuit Foundation – the production of Sheltersuits.

The materials and products

The broad network of the Sheltersuit Factory enables the use of a broad range of different residual materials of textile companies. In the workshop different products are created, besides the Sheltersuit. Because people get the opportunity to employ their own creativity, designer products are created which have been made with passion and pleasure.

Working together with the Sheltersuit Factory

The Sheltersuit Factory wants to connect with businesses who have a heart for people. We connect with companies that help to activate, inspire and connect people, with the intent to eventually help them find a place in the job-market.

The method

There are different options to purchase products at Sheltersuit Factory:
Option 1      Never Out of Stock
Purchasing of existing NOS-products.
Option 2      Special order with existing materials
With existing residual materials of the Sheltersuit Factory, a new product is produced.
Option 3      Special order with delivered materials
With materials delivered by the customer, a new product is produced.

With Option 2 and 3 the designing process can be coordinated by the customer, the Sheltersuit Factory, or both. For this purpose consultation is necessary with the design team.

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