Why the Sheltersuit?

Because everybody deserves dignity and warmth.

The Sheltersuit Foundation believes in a social society, where people handle their social problems together. We do this by sharing our talents, using smart design, so we can offer people shelter against the elements to create rise for self-esteem, personal development and dignity.

A uniquely designed suit with premium materials that ensures that any person will be protected against extreme weather conditions. This makes sleeping outside more bearable.

The four following features make the Sheltersuit unique:


Wind- and water resistant

The Sheltersuit is a wind- and water resistant jacket and sleeping bag, constructed of a water repellent fabric. All materials are provided by our generous donators.


Full body protection

The Sheltersuit can be transformed into a full body sleeping bag, simply by attaching the sleeping bag to the jacket with a zipper. During the day, the sleeping bag can be stored in the included duffle bag.


Safe and warm during extreme cold

The inner lining of the suit is made of 3D Polarsoft. Due to the outstanding quality of the insulating materials, the wearers of the Sheltersuit are assured of warmth and safety during cold weather.


All for free

Our goal is to keep the homeless warm, without asking anything in return. Experiencing the gratitude of the homeless who receive a Sheltersuit, is what we see as our reward.

Our Supporters

The Sheltersuit Foundation can proudly say that over 70 companies already support the foundation. This support comes in many different ways; money, materials, services or an extra hand. We would like to highlight a few of our sponsors to show our pride and gratefulness!

Our great team

The founders of the Sheltersuit concept are Bas Timmer and Alexander de Groot. Together with volunteers, interns and (mainly Syrian) refugees, they run the entire foundation. With a background in fashion, Bas is responsible for the designs and characteristics of the Sheltersuit. Alexander recruits donators and is engaged in establishing the proper contacts. Finally, the refugees, volunteers and interns ensure the creation of the end product.

Sheltersuit in the media

By establishing the Sheltersuit Foundation in 2014, we felt that we were doing something positive and life-changing. This was also reflected in extensive press coverage, both locally and internationally.
To crown it all, the Sheltersuit Foundation was filmed by VPRO Tegenlicht, a well-known Dutch television program in the fields of politics, economics, sociology and science.


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