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We think that everybody deserves self confidence, development and equality in a more social society. We contribute to this goal by providing the homeless and refugees with warmth. In addition to that we provide a meaningful daily activity for people with special needs and offer them a chance to re-enter the employment market. Sheltersuit is synonymous with meaningful work for homeless people, refugees, as well as people with special needs. This works both ways..

Latest news

  • Free Sheltersuits for homeless in Milan


    Sheltersuit Foundation, who is committed to keep the homeless and refugees warm while being outside in the cold, succeeds in fascinating the design world even more. Last year Sheltersuit exposed at the Dutch Design Week where many were gripped by Sheltersuit’s story. This year, Organisation in Design invited Sheltersuit to showcase their project at Europe’s most important design event; Salone del Mobilé. This is where Sheltersuit aspires to globally raise awareness for homelessness by exposing their project and by donating 100 Sheltersuits to the homeless in Milan.

  • Mayor visits Sheltersuit


    Op 23 March of this year, the mayor of Enschede visited Sheltersuit. At the beginning of 2017, the Sheltersuit Foundation relocated to its current premises, the multi-tenant business centre Spinnerij Oosterveld.

  • Zwarte Cross and Sheltersuit join forces

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    This year's festival season has started. From Thursday 21 until Sunday 24 July, the Zwarte Cross festival opens its doors. The event promises once again to be an unparalleled spectacle. Except for the performing bands and an outrageous and enthusiastic public, Sheltersuit will be also be present. 

  • Amsterdam – Rembrandtplein


    The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness for people who are forced to sleep outside. As a result of a full homeless shelter or shelters with unsanitary and unsafe conditions, many see sleeping outside as their best alternative, with all its consequences. To create this awareness we got help of our sponsors Isobar, Posterscope, Clear Channel, JCDeceaux and Exterion Media. We confronted the Netherlands with the problem by placing 3500 posters at bus stops and other places throughout the country, raising awareness for the extreme conditions that a lot of homeless people have to endure whilst living on the street. Part of the campaign is that people can send a text message to donate three euros. We were thrilled to see that so many people felt connected to our cause and donated to help the ones in need.


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